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If anyone consciously reads bios, please keep in mind that none of the members of Dead Tired truly care about them. Their musical backgrounds vary and their influences are both obvious and absurd. Politically, some of them lean far left, some in the middle, and the rest fall between those two ideals. Needless to say it still sparks all kinds of debate in their jamspace, often fueled by many cases of free beer and easy access to the “devil’s lettuce” (not to mention occasional dabbling in psychedelics). Although, it must be said that the latter usually leads to more shoulder-touching and Tim-Bit tossing than anything else.

So Dead Tired are releasing the first new EP in a series of four creatively named Vol. One. It varies slightly from the Self Titled full length that was released sort-of two years ago and sort-of again earlier this year. That full length was well received but it is important to note this new release definitely sounds better and the songs certainly have more of a gnarly groove to them (whatever that means). Let’s be honest, it is very difficult trying to explain what it sounds like. Music is so subjective unless you’re Elvis. When you are your own genre (like Elvis) you sound like yourself. When you’re a punk band of crotchety 30 somethings, you sound like whatever musical influences the listener has been exposed to. Baby Boomers and those who specifically prefer top 40 jams usually can’t tell the difference between Dead Tired, Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, or Converge. It is all “too loud.” If you try really hard, you’ll find traces of Dolly Parton and Devo on this EP (if that’s your thing).

This isn’t to say they’re ungrateful. They continuously cite tremendous support from friends and family, a label who listens and solid pals/fans who make each show entirely worth it. This EP is something to be proud of.

These dinks aren’t reinventing the wheel; they’re just trying to rip it before they RIP for good.

Dead Tired is:

Franz, Sparks, ‘Stone, George, and Nick.
Hamilton, Ontario.


Band Members:

George Pettit, Franz Stefanik, Chris Whetstone, Nick Ball and Marco “Sparky” Bressette

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Dead Tired - High Res

Nick Ball