Mystery Weekend


The power punk trio features Rody Walker (vox) and Michael Ieradi (drums) from Protest The Hero, and Dan Hay (guitar) from Fully Down.

The side project emerged out of the nostalgia for the type of music all three members grew up with and loved performing. Plain and simple, Walker, Ieradi, and Hay just wanted to have fun and write some “fast songs”. After finding themselves with an album’s worth of material, they called up their old friend Dean Hadji at All Buttons In and hit the studio.

Says Rody Walker, “The three of us were raised on skate punk, but somewhere down the line we lost our way. We found ourselves emerged in completely different worlds of music. Hence, Mystery Weekend. The record that came out was very surprising to us and that's why we called it Surprise! We're really proud of the album and can't wait to rip through these songs in a live setting!”

Band Members:

Rody Walker (vox)
Michael Ieradi (drums)
Dan Hay (guitar)

Press Photos

Mystery Weekend

Jamie Kronick