Busty and the Bass


Busty and the Bass is an irresistible electro-soul collective that draws on the talent of nine young musicians. Sharing a passion for good times and great music, the group formed during their first week at McGill University, playing around Montreal house parties and building up to some major venues across the Northeast. Now, with their newest EP, GLAM, their sound has taken on a more mature timbre, signaling some serious ambitions as they hit the road again.

In October 2014, Busty and the Bass competed against hundreds of other bands to win the "Rock Your Campus" competition, the search for Canada's top university band, sponsored by CBC Music and TD Bank. The group won a $10,000 cash prize, and opened for the Arkells in a sold-out performance in Montreal.

With GLAM set to drop in June on Indica Records and perpetual touring on the horizon, things are looking up for this budding 9-piece.


Band Members:

Scott Bevins, Louis Stein, Julian Trivers, Evan Crofton, Mike McCann, Milo Johnson, Chris Vincent, Eric Haynes, Nick Ferraro

Press Photos

Busty and the Bass - Press Photo

Kelly Jacob