The stars were aligned when childhood friends Black Future (vocals, guitar, hair gel), Chris Cool (bass, korg, driving), and Taco Cooper (drums, mandolin, G spot) first plugged in in their parent’s garage five years ago. It didn’t take long before they quit school in pursuit of becoming the biggest and loudest rock band of their generation. This South Carolina-bred trio may be known for their dark, nostalgic pop tunes, but their compelling image and onstage persona is in-your-face rock and roll. Their music is reminiscent of bands such as The Cure, Nada Surf, and early Pumpkins spiked with an experimental blend of Broken Social Scene meets On A Friday. After spending their teenage years playing shows all over the country, the band plans to release their debut full-length album sometime in 2014. If you are fortunate enough to catch them live, grab an autograph to prove you met them before it all began.

Band Members:

Nathan Merli - (vocals, guitar)
Christopher Cool - (bass)
Tanner Cooper - (drums)

Press Photos

Heyrocco - Press Photo 2016


Album Art

Heyrocco - Waiting On Cool