The Mohrs


Fronted by charismatic Winnipeg-native Jackie Mohr, The Mohrs is a four-piece rock band that brings listeners back to a time where chicks ruled the rock and roll stage.

Jackie found her passion for guitar at age thirteen and immediately started taking lessons. When most girls were playing flute and listening to Britney Spears, Jackie was practicing hard rocking guitar licks and jamming out to AC/DC. Guitar lessons lead to a teaching gig, and a deep friendship with guitarist Marc Girardin. As teenagers and young adults, Jackie and Marc headed the rock band “Living In Red,” and released an EP and toured across the prairies. Although “Living In Red” experienced some success, professional aspirations took members in different directions, and in 2012, Jackie and Marc found themselves packing their bags and heading to Toronto.

Working with their friend and mentor, Hawksley Workman, Jackie and Marc honed in on their songwriting and voice, which would eventually become the sound of The Mohrs. Adding musical friends Max Trefler (drums) and Greg Markham (bass) into the mix, The Mohrs were complete. Almost a year and half later, The Mohrs have put together an album that is reminiscent of ‘90s grunge and ‘80s rock, and have shared the stage with Hawksley Workman, Danko Jones, K-OS and Electric Six. Their debut self-titled LP (produced by Workman) is a powerful record that combines sophisticated riff-based rock-pop and is set for release on their new label, Vancouver based Light Organ Records, some time next year.

Band Members:

Jackie Mohr
Marc Girardin
Max Trefler
Greg Markham

Press Photos

The Mohrs Press Shot

Mike Ford